Strike Zone Custom Tackle is not a large enterprise, it is a home-based business established by an avid fisherman who now enjoys the satisfaction of creating successful presentations more than actually catching the fish! The pride generated by hearing about successful outings from some of my loyal customers cannot be measured. This still brings a smile to my face, not to mention the wonderful feeling of accomplishment I get out of knowing that I contributed in someone’s fond memory.

A lot of today’s angling perspective is aimed at an artificial presentation and I do understand some of the thought process behind this. I would like to be brutally honest though, if I get the chance to get out on the water, I want to catch fish! I still believe that the best way to accomplish this is by using live bait. You want to go out and catch a snack, make sure you have some nice juicy worms or a bucket of lively minnows.

For this reason, Strike Zone Tackle is now going to remain focused on my most successful creations.

My harness’s success rate combined with their remarkable strength and durability have gained a very reputable reputation with the locals and the many visitors to the area. Strike Zone Tackle has amassed a loyal following from both near and far.

I invite you to try my designs and share the successful results that so many others have, Strike Zone Tackle is;

Tackle that catches fish!